I’m the kind of woman who puts her favourite TV premieres in her Outlook calendar; so naturally, my favourite piece of technology for the past few years has been the PVR. (My second favourite? The universal remote. It even does the Roomba!) The PVR changed my life. I no longer avoid answering the phone to avoid missing a good part of Grey’s Anatomy. I no longer need to watch TV in a separate rooms when there’s a scheduling conflict with my husband (you know you do it too!), no more rushing home in time to watch the new episode of The Office, or my favourite perk, now that I’m getting older – no more having to STAY UP to watch SNL (or The Daily Show, for “the news”). Here are my top reasons you should love the PVR too:

  • You can now watch shows on Sundays that you ACTUALLY LIKE. There’s nothing on TV on Sunday afternoons anyway no matter how many channels you have/steal/subscribe to.
  • It’s cost-effective! (And if you think you can’t afford it, think again!) Since you don’t watch all those commercials you save SEVERAL dollars over time by not buying stuff you saw on commercials.
  • You can start watching 20 minutes after the show starts and then fast-forward through the commercials and still end the show in realtime! (Yes, I’m a geek and use words like “realtime” once in a while in regular conversations.)
  • You can rewind recorded shows AND live TV. When you’re watching Intervention and you wonder aloud, “what did she just say?”. And you think you’re the only one who didn’t hear it right but it turns out nobody heard it…YOU CAN REWIND IT AND HEAR IT AGAIN.
    It’s a fun word/acronym. Try it: sloganize the word “PVR” (or your boss’s name = more fun) till your heart’s content:

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