The Top 7 Things I like About Meetings


  1. Meetings are a fantastic communication mechanism.  You don’t have to wait for a reply via email; you can get your answer in REALTIME.
  2. Without meetings, there would be no super office meeting cartoons.
  3. Moving Forwards – things we’re going to do Moving Forward (read: stop doing that shit from now on.)
  4. Snacks!
  5. The word “volentold”.  (Well, I like a good portmanteau, in general.) Your risk of being voluntold to do a task increases drastically if you are as absent from the meeting
  6. Charts and Graphs – they look Professional (like you Know What You’re Talking About and can back it up with Data). Plus, sometimes it’s helpful to illustrate your point with a visual aid.  There are several helpful charts here and here.
    1. The Venn diagram is my favourite (What kind of dork has a favourite type of diagram???  I DO!!) 
  7. Business buzzwords re-establish your synergy.

Until we meet again. (har)*

*Yes, I laugh at my own jokes.  Don’t judge me.


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  1. Brenda said

    I would like to create a chart showing the more meetings you go to, the less actual work you do. Unless you’re low on the food chain, in which case, the more meetings you go to, the more work you have to do. And they usually make you take minutes as well, so you can fully document all the crap jobs you’ll have to complete before the next meeting, in addition to your real job.

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