Top 5 things I rediscovered about having a cat as a pet

After a few years without having any pets, we recently adopted a cat from a posting on the staff bulletin board.  I had forgotten about a few things: 

Top 5 things I rediscovered about having a cat as a pet:

  1.  You can’t ever open a can with a can opener, in peace, again.
  2.  This
  3. Rubber gloves do a great job at removing pet hair from furniture etc.
  4. They want in and out of every room, over and over, and when they bore of that, they see how far they can swindle you into letting them lay half in and half out of the doorway! (There should be a complicated, compound German word for that, as mentioned previously.)
  5. If you got a pet cat put your hands up!



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  1. Brenda said

    I have learned the following from my cat:

    If you make the mistake of giving your cat luncheon meat just once, you will have to endure the sight of said cat licking its chops in front of your fridge every morning for the rest of your/her life.

    You must never, ever, be the warmest thing in the room. If you are, you will become the preferred cat bed.

    A pissed off cat can howl longer and louder than a collicky baby. Anyone want to make a trade the next time I come home from a 2 week vacation?

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