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TV Time!

Before I start, I want to advise those “oh, I don’t really watch TV” types to stop reading and go back to your Intellectual Nonfiction Book.  And I also want to ask you if you can see my house from up there on your high horse. 

So, then…it recently came to my attention how dire my TV addiction dependency is when the batteries in our remote control died, suddenly; we had NO IDEA WHAT TO DO.  (This should come as little surprise, as I’ve sung the praises of my PVR here before.)  We scurried to find the music station because that’s something we could tolerate watching all night without the need to change the channel.  Pathetic.  We’re not alone in our slavery to the TV!  Someone (?), a long time ago, called it the “electric fireplace” for a reason.

*Well, the reason is that the TV is the centerpiece of most living rooms Nowadays, whereas the fireplace was the centerpiece in the Good Old Days.  Now, there is actually an invention called the electric fireplace that functions similar to a regular Old Fashioned fireplace, so the whole thing gets even more confusing.  Anyway…

So, once again, I’ll link you to some clever tips to help you enjoy your teevee time.  I’m not talking “watching tv on the laptop”  – this is about real, assgroovery on the couch:

  • 2010 Fall TV Schedule – Premiere Dates  – Put these in your Google calendar!  Note that my most favourite show ever 30 Rock premieres Thursday, September 23.  (Roll your mouse over each weekday at the top; also not the legend at the bottom for new shows, returning shows, new timeslot.)
  • Zap2it   – I use this site for the TV listings.  Once you register you can customize this to your postal code + your Rogers or Bell (or whatever) service and Bob’s your uncle.  I love how you can set it to highlight your favourite shows, too.  See.  This is a time SAVER.
  • Television Without Pity – This is great for when:
    • You missed a crucial episode to your favourite TV series and you need to get a quick “weecap” or the full recap.
    • You have not yet heard enough clever Snark about your show and its characters. 
  • Episode Guides and Air Dates  
  • Rerun Check – Find out if your favourite show is new or a rerun this week. 
  • TV Show Easter Eggs – Notes on little hidden references and inside-jokes in TV shows.
  • Audience Sounds 

My favourite channel?  Rogers Cable 725.  A music channel!

*Circle of trust:  I recently went weeks without my favourite channel working because i thought it was ‘down’.  I finally called My Leading Brand Cable Service Provider and the voicemail made mention of the fact that most issues can be resolved by rebooting, so if you haven’t tried that, you should try that first.  But I stayed on the line because I couldn’t fathom how rebooting my cable box would make ONE channel come back.  Well it did.  And there is a lesson to be learned here somewhere…Even an IT diva sometimes forgets that rebooting is an easy first attempt to solve most technical things.  Mmm…Humble pie.


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Let Me Check My Schedule

I love the Internet and it loves me right back.  The latest object of my affection is the Google Calendar.  I have no idea how I survived without it before.  True Story. 

Sure, we have a calendar on our fridge but who remembers to check that every day?  And, sure, we all have Outlook calendars at work, but we can’t share them with anyone outside of our domain

I started using the Google calendar a couple of months ago because my husband and I kept forgetting Important Birthdays.  Now I’ve progressed to using it for all kinds of visits, appointments, events, reminders etc. and I even had my husband set one up too.  We share them so we can see each others’ schedules, which makes double-booking less of a problem. (Admittedly, that didn’t happen too often, but when it did, it was painful.)

Some reasons why you should give Google Calendar a try at home: 

  • It’s accessible from anywhere there’s an internet connection (including your mobile device, if you have a web browser).
  • It integrates with Google maps!  When the Where field contains a location that is recognized by Google Maps, a map displays when you double-click your event. 
  • If you’re into sports, you can subscribe to sports schedules to have them show in your Google Calendar
  • Reminders – you can get them sent to you by email or text message.  This is a big deal.
  • You can get as simple or as complicated as you want –use some or all of the nifty features.
  • Google Calendar integrates with Remember the Milk – another powerful organizational tool for task lists that the Internet People rave about all the time
  • You can save your calendar as a pdf – the pdf creator is built into the site
  • These people Know What They’re Talking About and their comment was “the more I use it, the better it gets.”
  • You can share your calendar or even make it public; you can add shared or public calendars to your calendar view.  This means that if your church, daycare, soccer team or Secret Club has a public Google Calendar, you can add it you yours.  This ALSO means that if the City created a public Google Calendar for each garbage zone, you could simply add that to you calendar too!  And set it to send you reminders! Can I get an amen?
  • It’s free


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I’m the kind of woman who puts her favourite TV premieres in her Outlook calendar; so naturally, my favourite piece of technology for the past few years has been the PVR. (My second favourite? The universal remote. It even does the Roomba!) The PVR changed my life. I no longer avoid answering the phone to avoid missing a good part of Grey’s Anatomy. I no longer need to watch TV in a separate rooms when there’s a scheduling conflict with my husband (you know you do it too!), no more rushing home in time to watch the new episode of The Office, or my favourite perk, now that I’m getting older – no more having to STAY UP to watch SNL (or The Daily Show, for “the news”). Here are my top reasons you should love the PVR too:

  • You can now watch shows on Sundays that you ACTUALLY LIKE. There’s nothing on TV on Sunday afternoons anyway no matter how many channels you have/steal/subscribe to.
  • It’s cost-effective! (And if you think you can’t afford it, think again!) Since you don’t watch all those commercials you save SEVERAL dollars over time by not buying stuff you saw on commercials.
  • You can start watching 20 minutes after the show starts and then fast-forward through the commercials and still end the show in realtime! (Yes, I’m a geek and use words like “realtime” once in a while in regular conversations.)
  • You can rewind recorded shows AND live TV. When you’re watching Intervention and you wonder aloud, “what did she just say?”. And you think you’re the only one who didn’t hear it right but it turns out nobody heard it…YOU CAN REWIND IT AND HEAR IT AGAIN.
    It’s a fun word/acronym. Try it: sloganize the word “PVR” (or your boss’s name = more fun) till your heart’s content:

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