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Time Spent after an Argument

Every time.



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The Top 7 Things I like About Meetings


  1. Meetings are a fantastic communication mechanism.  You don’t have to wait for a reply via email; you can get your answer in REALTIME.
  2. Without meetings, there would be no super office meeting cartoons.
  3. Moving Forwards – things we’re going to do Moving Forward (read: stop doing that shit from now on.)
  4. Snacks!
  5. The word “volentold”.  (Well, I like a good portmanteau, in general.) Your risk of being voluntold to do a task increases drastically if you are as absent from the meeting
  6. Charts and Graphs – they look Professional (like you Know What You’re Talking About and can back it up with Data). Plus, sometimes it’s helpful to illustrate your point with a visual aid.  There are several helpful charts here and here.
    1. The Venn diagram is my favourite (What kind of dork has a favourite type of diagram???  I DO!!) 
  7. Business buzzwords re-establish your synergy.

Until we meet again. (har)*

*Yes, I laugh at my own jokes.  Don’t judge me.

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