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Kraft Dinner

Disclaimer:  The following subject matter may be unsuitable for foodies or natural foods enthusiasts.  If you find yourself uncomfortable eating a “food” with such a lengthy ingredients list, you may be more interested in the offerings here.

What comfort food evokes memories of times gone by like good old Kraft Dinner? I ate it (like every other kid) for lunch because it’s borderline junk food; I ate it as a university student because it was 99 cents; and I ate it last week because it takes 12 minutes to make.  That’s right.  No matter how old I get or how much better homemade macaroni and cheese tastes, it’s gotta be KD.  (Does that mean I have a ‘refined’ palate because I like refined food?  Hint: No.)

Kraft Dinner is for everyone:

  • It’s a good source of Orange for your children.
  • It’s a good source of Canadiana for an overseas friend (FYI – The U.S. version is exactly the same but the box says “Kraft Macaroni & Cheese”)
  • It’s a wholesome way to make fun of Canadians (Terrance and Philip eat all the time)
  • Easy Mac is the answer for the Hopelessly Impatient (son, I’m looking at you.) – it’s done in 4 minutes!   
  • It’s been around long enough for old enough for old people to complain about it.  (“There are too many flavours of KD nowadays.”  /Grandpa Simpson)
  • It’s a good way to stretch out a million dollars.  “A lot more Kraft Dinner (and fancy ketchup – Dijon ketchup – to go with it.)”

 We usually keep it simple at our house in the interest of saving time – Fork or spoon? Hotdogs or no? Ketchup or no? Follow directions or maverick it up?  The odd time we add Frank’s red hot or some other kind of seasoning.  Nothing special to see here… 

…but when you have the time to be more creative, there are heaping helpings of KD recipes out there:  Like here. And here. More?  Ok here.
Now get your KD on!

Bonus:  Some cheesy puns


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