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Absent mindedness vs Forgetfulness

Forgetfulness:  Where did I put my keys? 

Absent Mindedness:  Reaching to use your work security card to try to swipe into your house.


“Never memorize what you can look up in books.”
Albert Einstein

 Word.  Now it’s more like “Never memorize what you can quickly Google.”

More?  OK: 


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True, that!


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Ctrl + Z: Undo! UNDO!!

“…control-Z can be used to undo the last operation perfomed by the user…” 

To help you remember it, think about the French word for “darn” –  Zut!)


If only CTRL + Z worked in real life .  So many fails this week.

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Clever Clothespins!

Unusual Uses for Clothespins

I love this idea – stable cable labels!

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Pavlov’s Pavlov


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