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About the Lists

I think the reason I like making lists so much is because it “clears the cache”, so to speak.  Your head is much lighter without carrying all that unnecessary detail around.  (Save your “airhead” jokes!) You can look at the list later and see if you can make it actionable.

Sure, there are the standard “To Do” or “To Get” lists, but you can really make use of lists for:    

  • Contact information – you never know when you’ll need an address or phone number
  • Coffee preferences of people you know
  • Gift ideas/links
  • Sizes of clothing/batteries/vacuum bags/light bulbs and other household stuff
  • Groceries – order it according to the sections of the store (produce, dairy etc.)

(Hmm…this is a bit self-referential, isn’t it – a list about lists?)    

Again, I thought I came up with most of these ideas and then read these.  *sigh*  Some of these lists are fine kept on a piece of paper in your wallet, on a whiteboard on the fridge, on your PDA/cell phone, or in your Internet mail.  


Let’s talk about good old Notepad  

I realize that Notepad isn’t very new or elegant, but it opens really quickly and certainly serves its purpose – to make notes – duh (Did I just write that?)  

I always have a Notepad document open in case I need to paste a link, a list or chunk of text into an email or Proper Document (like Word) later.  

You can use it kind of like a visual clipboard.  (I have always eschewed Word’s clipboard for multiple items because I like to see what I have on my clipboard in a clear way.)  Also, when you paste something into Notepad, it clears the formatting.  Now when you copy the text and paste it somewhere else, it will take on your default font size/style and match the rest of your document.  

I’m only slightly ashamed to admit that my son’s baby book was originally in Notepad.  I knew that I would be too much of a perfectionist to just write his milestones messily, in pen or pencil, in his baby book whenever inspiration hit.  So, instead, I wrote the date and whatever cute/funny/disgusting happened in his Notepad file.* After his first birthday, I copied all the important stuff into his baby book.  Now it’s all in the same colour of ink throughout the whole book and I haven’t got anything scratched out.  I also tucked a printout of the original Notepad file in there too.  How do you like me now?   

*I just learned that if you hit F5 in Notepad, it inserts the date and time.  It’s right there in the Help, too.  Why have I never seen this before?  This would have certainly come in handy in my BabyBook.txt.    

Or if you’re the busybody who likes to record other people’s coffee breaks, you can use Notepad as a diary.


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