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True, that!



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Ctrl + Z: Undo! UNDO!!

“…control-Z can be used to undo the last operation perfomed by the user…” 

To help you remember it, think about the French word for “darn” –  Zut!)


If only CTRL + Z worked in real life .  So many fails this week.

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Clever Clothespins!

Unusual Uses for Clothespins

I love this idea – stable cable labels!

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Shortcut Keys, Please


Using shortcut keys you can save upwards of EIGHT minutes a week. Everybody knows the old CTRL + C (copy) and CTRL + V (paste) shortcuts, but there are so many other ones out there; it’s tough to remember them all.

Most people just use a few of their favourites. Here are my favourites (thanks for asking!):

CTRL + K – Check Names. I FLOVE this one! In an Outlook email message, go to the To: field and type in a few characters of a name. E.g. if the recipient’s name is George Stevens, enter gstev (or George or George Stevens or any partial of the name) then hit CTRL + K. I’ll wait….pretty cool, huh?

Windows Key + L = Lock your computer! The Windows key is the key with the Windows logo on it. It’s usually on the same row as your spacebar.

Windows Key + M = Show the desktop, well, technically, “minimize all windows”. It works the same as the Show Desktop icon in Windows.  I use this one all the time.

CTRL + Z = Undo (I always think of “Zut!” [that’s “darn” in French, if my recollection of the Vive le Francais textbook is correct.] )

SHIFT + TAB – You know how you hit Tab to go forward through fields or items on an interface? Well, if you hit SHIFT + TAB you go BACKWARD through the form fields!

CTRL + F = Find on Page – I have grown to prefer manuals and long documents in electronic form so I can use this key to jump to a keyword on the page without having to read the whole thing.

CTRL + Space – I just discovered this Microsoft Word (& Outlook/email if it uses Word as its editor) shortcut recently. If you paste something and the formatting is different than the rest of the document, you can highlight the text and hit CTRL + Space to strip the text of its formatting – then it takes on your default font style/size/colour etc. I’m a huge fan. (Before this, I was pasting text into the subject line of an email to remove the formatting, or into Notepad for larger amounts of text.)

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