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Snoop Dogg – Gin & Juice (Spoken Word)

If  you like this kinda thing, check out Richard Cheese.


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Flip you, melon farmer!

Swearing feels good because language is powerful; sometimes there just is no better way to express what you’re feeling.  But swearing isn’t appropriate in many environments, like at work, on some tv movies or in front of children.  Thank goodness the Internet can help us find alternatives.  There’s even a Facebook group for it – Forget You Melon Farmer (A Group Dedicated to Cursing PG Style).  What?  Really?  Shut the front door!

And when you can’t fucking stop – Cuss Control to the rescue!

<word nerd>When you do this “*$#%!” instead of swearing, it’s called a “grawlix”.</word nerd>

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Swear Jar

I could be in fantastic shape if I had to carry my swear jar around everywhere.

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