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Coffee Culture

For some reason I get annoyed when restaurant staff tack “today” on the end of their questions. “Would you like chocolate sauce on your sundae today?” or “Would you like to supersize that today?” seems to imply that I go there every day. I don’t go anywhere every day – that’s ludicrous!

EXCEPT I do go to Tim Horton’s every day. Once you have a Timmy’s (Or Fivebucks for you brew-geoisie) routine, you can’t just stop on a dime. You have to stop at Timmy’s Every. Single. Time. (Poet. Know it. Check.) In fact, my son thinks we’re supposed to go every time he gets in the car because we almost always do. We even gave one of his Valentines to the drive through lady we see every day. Timmy’s is so ingrained in us that even non-coffee-drinkers have their “regular” order they get from Timmy’s. Keep this in a list on your pda/phone/mobile device so you’re always prepared to be the Nice Guy who picks up coffee for people you visit.

More on Tim Horton’s:

  • Here’s an application for your iPhone – a Tim Horton’s locator
  • If you find rolling up the rim to be a hardship, never fear. You can use this to help you out.
  • Tim Horton’s nutrition guide. This is not for the faint of heart! I was gravely disappointed that my usual coffee was 4 WeightWatchers POINTS! Darn you 18% cream, darn you!


I like my coffee how I like my men…
I could come up with NOTHING appropriate to follow this statement.



Coffee and the Geek
Who else but a geek would come up with this?

Geeks have always been into caffeine in the form of Mountain Dew (the US recipe has caffeine), Jolt, coffee etc. Thinkgeek even has a whole section called “caffeine“. At the Service Desk, someone’s last name on our team means “coffee”. I’ll give $20 Tim’s card to whoever figures that out first.


Random Musing #1
Is French Vanilla cappuccino (et al.) a gateway coffee? I’m leaning toward “yes”. It’s how I started drinking coffee years ago. My husband would never drink coffee with me. Just cappuccino. Then he started working in an office with some strange ritual to determine who buys coffee that day. And now he drinks coffee. Conclusion: my husband is stubborn.

Eventually, you work your way up to black coffee by the time you’re advanced in age. (“Cream and sugar? Oh, we don’t touch that stuff!”) And you drink it with lunch.


Random Musing #2
“Contrary to what we’ve all learned in the past, espresso is not the style of coffee that has the most caffeine. In fact, the longer a bean is roasted, the less caffeine content it has – the caffeine is cooked off while the bean roasts. If you want a big caffeine buzz, lighter (or milder) roasts will give you that kick, while the darker roasts, though more complex and flavourful, have a lower caffeine content. Espresso, being the darkest roast, also has the lowest amount of caffeine.”
Cite: Kelly @ the Service Desk, 2009

For some more facts on coffee, here’s the obligatory Wikipedia article.


Coffee Cleverness

  • I’ve heard you can richen your beef gravy with coffee.
  • Chocolate cake in a coffee mug!
  • Smelling too many fragrances confuses your olfactory area and coffee can help “neutralize your nose
  • I thought this was my own clever idea. Nope! Real Simple suggests you use a martini shaker to mix iced coffee.
  • If you break the wine cork into the bottle, you can use a coffee filter to strain it.
  • This lid changes colour with heat so you know if it’s too hot to drink yet.
  • Here’s a USB hub that has a clock AND a cup warmer!
  • Here’s a coffee link for the foodies.

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